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Among those who supported the steady-state model was Fred Hoyle.

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In general, stars are composed primarily of hydrogen and helium gases.

The outer surface of a star, called the photosphere, is an area where light in the form of photons is able to leave the star's surface.

As outlined in the school district's Planning and Scheduling Timeline for Chemistry, the entire unit "Periodic Table and Periodic Trends" is meant to be completed within a three week period.

During that time, the students will examine the role electrons play in chemical behavior, electron configuration, in addition to becoming familiar with the organization and uses of the periodic table.

The second theory, proposed by Georges Lemaître, was the primeval atom model.

This theory was based on the premise that an explosion of a "primeval atom" occurred.

In examining the spectral analysis of a number of spiral nebulae, Vesto Slipher concluded in 1912, on the basis of measurable Doppler redshifts, that these nebulae were moving away from the Earth.

Then in 1915, Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity which in part predicted that the Universe was expanding.

That equation, now referred to as Hubble's Law, showed a direct relationship between the distance to a galaxy and its recessional velocity.

Simply put, Hubble's Law states that as the distance between galaxies increases so does the velocity of their separation.

This curriculum unit, entitled "The Origin of the Elements", is intended for eleventh grade students enrolled in my chemistry classes who attend an inner city Philadelphia public high school.

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