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Middle of this trial and Providence has a very vibrant gay community. the Providence Police brought down a contingent of people – [Phone rings] NEWS: Hummel. BUDDY: The first verdict that came down was guilty, it was on the conspiracy. They were struck by how many city officials didn’t seem qualified to be city officials. It cuts the way of, well you can’t believe these guys as witnesses against the mayor versus.

I felt enraged, I felt mad and I’ll defend these charges until the day I die. And without skipping a beat Buddy says, what are you calling yourself a clown? There were some people in the tax office trading favors for small amounts of money. And then the prosecutor got up and talked about how this was a city for sale and this beautiful renaissance was a movie set, facade, and behind the scenes there was all this corruption, and the city finances were on the brink.

ZAC: But how much did Buddy Cianci really know about the corruption in his own administration? And he says, Mayor, what do you think of the media circus? BUDDY: As far as I was concerned, I wasn’t involved in anything. Opening arguments paint two very different pictures of what went on in Providence City Hall during the reign of a popular and controversial mayor, Vincent A. ZAC: Journalist Mike Stanton watched as Buddy’s lawyer, Richard Egbert, gave his opening argument: STANTON: Richard Egbert talked about how he’d woken up at dawn that morning and walked around this magnificent city with the river walks, and the mall and the beautiful restored buildings and he said this truly is a renaissance.

They made hundreds of tapes, capturing city officials accepting bribes. STANTON: I mean you had New York Times front page, New Yorker magazine. And I just remember this breathless TV reporter sticks a microphone in Buddy’s face. Opponents protested government corruption while supporters passed out t-shirts and bumper stickers that said “Free Buddy.” NEWS: The Plunderdome trial is well underway.

[DRUMS] MARC SMERLING: In the last episode, we told you about Operation Plunder Dome — an FBI agent and an air-conditioning contractor went undercover to investigate Providence City Hall. He covered Buddy for years and was there when the Plunder Dome trial began. LAUER: Conspiracy, extortion, mail fraud, witness tampering BUDDY: Not guilty. ZAC: Outside the courthouse people lined up to see the mayor on trial.

Years ago, the club had rejected Buddy’s membership application… And he basically succeeds in shutting the club down.

and when they needed a building permit for some renovations… Steve Antonson, who serves on this building board and gets the call from Buddy. So one of the charges against him is extorting a membership in the University Club. He admitted that he had rejected the University club’s permit on orders from Buddy Cianci.

As you know I’ve been indicted by federal prosecutors today. Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci has just been indicted on 27 criminal counts including, racketeering, conspiracy, witness tampering and extortion. TAPE DAVID EAD: When I bring the big ten down to him, the doors will be open for you like you can’t believe. NEWS: He said he arranged three bribes totalling ,000 for Mayor Cianci. The jury listened as Buddy told a city official not to cooperate with a federal investigation.

BUDDY: Many of you have commented on the length of the indictment and I have it here. TAPE FREITAS: I don’t mind giving the mayor ten grand. Ead said Cianci instructed him to deliver the bribe money to Cianci aides.

And he said, would it surprise you to know been there 780 times in the last four years. Because obviously Egbert was trying to make the argument that Ead lost money at the casino and that’s where the money went, it didn’t go to Buddy.

ZAC: This became the central question in the trial: did the money actually make it into Buddy’s hands?

ARCHIVAL: Stay with you, your nonstop news source for the most complete Plunder Dome coverage, ABC will bring you hourly updates for the duration of the Plunder Dome trial. ZAC: During the trial Buddy was still the mayor…running the city and being Buddy. BUDDY: (laughing) ZAC: Back at the trial, the prosecution called their next witness.

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