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The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country (sometimes from region to region within a given country), ranging from being permissible but unregulated, to an enforced or unenforced crime, or a regulated profession.

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Mitsotakis said, "For such a decision, maturity is required which only age can guarantee" and added, "It makes no sense to us that a fifteen-year-old, who is prohibited from consuming alcohol, is allowed to take such an important decision".

Greece is largely an orthodox country, and the church has been against the idea of gender-change.

It is a satanic deed." The Church's governing Holy Synod went on to say, "The proposed Bill provokes the feelings of society, undercuts the sacred institution of the family, defies customs and common sense, and, above all, destroys people." Greek language: Το προτεινόμενο Νομοσχέδιο προκαλεί το αίσθημα της κοινωνίας, τορπιλίζει τον ιερό θεσμό της οικογένειας, έρχεται σε αντίθεση με τα χρηστά ήθη και την κοινή λογική και κυρίως καταστρέφει τον άνθρωπο.

raised concerns about the minimum age being just fifteen years to change one's gender identity.

Prostitution is sometimes described as commercial sex or hooking.

Depending on the jurisdiction, prostitution law may deem commercial sex to be legal or illegal.Articles presented on Wikinews reflect the specific time at which they were written and published, and do not attempt to encompass events or knowledge which occur or become known after their publication.Women: whore, hooker, call girl, business girl (B-girl), streetwalker, trollop, strumpet, courtesan, escort, lady of the evening, working girl, doxy, scarlet woman, harlot, drab Men: Rent boy, male escort, gigolo, lad model, gent of the night, sporting boy, weeping willy Female clients: janes, either as money, goods, services, or some other benefit agreed upon by the transacting parties.Use of the word whore is widely considered pejorative, especially in its modern slang form of ho.In Germany, however, most prostitutes' organizations deliberately use the word Hure (whore) since they feel that prostitute is a bureaucratic term.A person who works in this field is called a prostitute, and is a type of sex worker.

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