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After using them for a few days of extended use in our open office (which often gets noisy), I found them to be very comfy, and its noise-cancelling features did the trick.

You’ll want a great-sounding Bluetooth speaker, but one that’s easy to schlep around from party to party, and one that won’t die if it gets into an accident with a red cup.

The Fugoo Sport ($200) is lightweight, and its included Jacket sleeve is rugged—it’s shock proof, waterproof, mud proof, and snow proof—so it’s up for the challenge.

Plus, it packs 40 hours of battery life and pairs easily with Siri or Google Now to give you greater control.

Of course, you’ll have your laptop, but a monitor can make a world of difference when you’re working on a big project.

I like the Acer H236HL ($119), a 23-inch widescreen LCD monitor with in-plane switching to keep the display crisp.

Virtual Dorm Room Webcams are when two or more people gather together via some form of video communications equipment to sexually arouse each other by transmitting sexually explicit messages usually through the internet.

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When reviewing notes later, tap any word to hear what your professor was saying at that moment.

If you’ve left yourself a doodle, abbreviation, or mnemonic device, tapping that word will bring you right back to the lecture.

Really, a dorm room is a blank canvas filled with potential, and while it won’t take much to really make it feel like home, you’ll need more on your shopping list than just a laptop, bedding, and school books.

(Though, yeah, it may take a creative eye to look past the fluorescent lights.) Your dorm room will never be a luxury apartment, but a few crucial gadgets can transform it from a cell into a multi-functional space for studying, sleeping, and hanging out.

It has 1920-by-1080p HD resolution, plus VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs to use it as either a makeshift TV with that Chromecast, or as a secondary laptop display.

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