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It is unknown if this gender disparity is due to Muslim women being more visible due to wearing more overt religious attire such as a hijab, meaning that employers are able to identify their religion more readily and subsequently discriminate against them.

Yet the barbarity of these camps remain, please share and like to all so that our cause can be spread across the world.

The United Kingdom has strict and well-established laws in place to ensure that women and men are treated equally in public spaces and by public bodies.

They started last November, at the urging of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims living in the area who wanted their children to be properly versed in the ancestral religion and the Arabic language. Slaiman, a 39-year-old Sri Lankan who lives in neighboring Yamato and deals in used cars, sends his two sons, age 8 and 4, to classes at the mosque.

He himself began studying Arabic at age 5 at a mosque school in Sir Lanka.

Muslim people are much more likely to be unemployed than any other faith group in the country, a House of Commons committee has warned in a report outlining stark differences in the social and economic experiences of different communities in Britain.

Commissioned by the Women and Equalities Committee, the report 'Employment Opportunities for Muslims in the UK' raises concerns that not enough is being done to ensure British Muslims are afforded the same employment opportunities as the rest of society.

Similarly, other research has shown British Pakistani women are much more likely to be asked whether they have plans to get married or have children, with 1 in 8 being asked, compared to 1 in 30 white women.

The report also noted many Muslims feel the Prevent programme is a source of fear and anxiety among their communities, due to concerns it unfairly impacted on them.

“Japanese schools teach only knowledge — not how to be a good human being,” says one Muslim father.

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