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Fagan has done extensive research on public bathing.During the Ottoman Empire public baths were widely used.Public baths originated from a communal need for cleanliness at a time when most people did not have access to private bathing facilities.

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By AD 300 the Baths of Diocletian would cover 140,000 square metres (1,500,000 sq ft), its soaring granite and porphyry sheltering 3,000 bathers a day.

Roman baths became "something like a cross between an aquacentre and a theme park", with pools, game rooms, gardens, even libraries and theatres.

Misogi became Gyōzui, to bathe in a shallow wooden tub.

Before the mid-19th century, when Western influence increased, nude communal bathing for men, women, and children at the local unisex public bath, or sentō, was a daily fact of life.

The Great Bath and the house of the priest suggest that the Indus had a religion.

In The Book of the Bath, Françoise de Bonneville wrote, "The history of public baths begins in Greece in the sixth century B.

As societies have changed, the need for public baths has reduced: dwellings now have their own private bathroom.

Public baths have also become incorporated into the social system as meeting places.

One of the most famous public bath sites is Aquae Sulis in Bath, England. Garrett G Fagan, Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and History at The Pennsylvania State University, has named public bathing as a "social event" for the Romans in his book "Bathing in Public in the Roman World".

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