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If you’re straight, and you have gay friends, then it’s very likely that you will have gone “Ooh, what’s that?

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Called 'Will Robots Take My Job', the tool lets users type in their occupation and provides them with a replacement estimate and automation risk – it also reveals if 'you are doomed' or are 'totally safe'.

There is an 83 percent chance that artificial intelligence will eventually takeover positions that pay low-wages, says White House's Council of Economic Advisors (CEA).

And the firm's casting producer, Kieran Mc Carthy, is already on the lookout for celebrities to appear on the show.

Speaking to the Daily Star, one agent who was approached by Mr Mc Carthy said: 'I wouldn't mind representing the robot, as unlike human hosts it would hopefully be happy with any deal I could fix.'It sounds like it'll be fascinating daytime TV.

There are enough websites dedicated to extra-marital affairs to show that sex is pretty high on the heterosexual agenda.

At my university night club (career highlight: being voted the second worst club in Europe) I first encountered the phenomenon known as 10 to 2 syndrome, where people start circling around each other in a dance called Get Laid, or Face Your Hangover Alone.When contacting the agents, the producers said: 'We're trialling a new technology that helps couples, family members or friends make key decisions by talking to a state-of-the-art robot!'We're looking for great characters to visit London for one day to see how this technology can help them in their situation.'It is unclear which TV channel the producers are hoping to screen the show on.A recent report suggests that those who are paid less than an hour will be unemployed and see their jobs filled by robots over the next few years.But for workers who earn more than an hour there is only a 31 percent chance and those paid double have just a 4 percent risk.I imagine in major cities it’s expanded to become 10 to 4 syndrome, or Whenever The Night Buses Stop Running. Well, meeting someone in a bar isn’t going to prevent you ending the week in hospital any more than meeting someone through an app.

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