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In July 2016, it reported on a Catholic church in Cincinnati hosting a "Black Lives Matter" meeting, then said multiple chapters of the movement — which campaigns against police brutality and systemic racism against black people — have supported "abortion and LGBT 'rights.'"That story with the headline, "Catholic Church to Host Black Lives Matter," was posted under the category: "Crisis in the Church."Voris told the Free Press that the Catholic Church has gone in the wrong direction since the Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s, adapting to a more progressive world.He said it was "diabolical" for bishops to move child-molesting priests among parishes for years before nationwide sexual child-abuse scandals were exposed."These are clear-minded decisions that were made, and they are evil decisions," he said.

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Church and state have long been linked in this country, he said, and the combination of social media and Trump in the White House have altered the notion of mainstream media."The entire established order has been thrown up into the air," Voris said. We're allowed into the discussion."Among the headlined stories on Friday were: "Bombshell: Priest at forefront of pushing birth control in Canada admits gay lifestyle," "Dismantling Obama's legacy," and "72 terrorists come to U. from seven banned Muslim-majority countries."Church Militant's audience includes more than 180,000 Facebook likes, about 30,000 You Tube subscribers and nearly 12,000 Twitter followers.

Voris estimates the operation, including social media and the website, accumulates about 1 million-1.5 million online views per month.

It has 35 full-time employees (and is hiring more) who publish about 10 stories and three videos every weekday.

Its leader, Michael Voris, has compared Trump with Constantine, the Roman emperor whom he says was "not a moral man" but a "power-hungry egomaniac," but who saw it desirable to end the persecution of Christians.

It's not affiliated with the Catholic Church, which has taken action to distance itself from Church Militant.

And Voris said he doesn't think his organization's political statements are violating what he calls the "stupid" restriction on political campaign intervention for tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service.

After a Church Militant subscriber told us that Voris was banned from speaking at Catholic parishes, we asked Mc Grath about it."We have a consistent policy in the Archdiocese regarding speakers in church property," Mc Grath said, adding that presentations must be "in the spirit and the law of church teaching.""(Voris') ministry, his work is not approved or endorsed by the Archdiocese of Detroit, and that would be why."Mc Grath declined to specify which teachings.

But spend much time on Church, and you'll notice a frequency of articles criticizing the Catholic Church.

Many of Breitbart's articles are cited on the Church Militant website.

But unlike Breitbart, Church Militant is under a Christian, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

"And if that policy is favorable to the church, well then, very good."Panelists Bradley Eli, left, and Michael Voris watch the news to hear President Donald J.

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