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A 60 day extension can be requested (variable fee) at the Dept. It is your responsibility to have the correct personal documents and obtain your Visa, if necessary.

As with all foreign travel, it is wise to take a copy of the details page of your passport which will help the British Consulate in providing a temporary one in case of loss. Up till May 2009, Sri Lanka had a conflict with the LTTE who wanted a separate state for the Tamils in the North and East of the country.

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If you wish to purchase one, your driver/guide will be able to help you. Hotels increasingly offer Internet Wi-Fi, and Internet cafes exist in Colombo and many towns, although connection speeds can be slow outside Colombo. There are so many opportunities for photography whether it is of scenes of everyday life by the roadside, spectacular vistas or of the amazing wildlife. Every month, the Full Moon Day, known as “Poya Day”, which celebrates various important days in the life of Lord Buddha, will be celebrated by the Buddhists on the Island.

Do please take a memory card of sufficient size as you will find you will take so many photographs. All Poya Days are national holidays and no alcohol is served. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance for the activities that you are doing on your Tour such as white rafting, elephant rides, game drive etc.

You can only purchase Sri Lankan Rupees in Sri Lanka as it isn’t an International Currency.

A local driving licence is also required which can be obtained from the AA in Colombo. Driving is not for the faint-hearted as there are so many pedestrians, bikes, motorbikes, cars, lorries, buses as well as cows and stray dogs, all doing the unexpected! All international flights arrive at Colombo International Airport (CMB), also known as Bandaranaike International Airport located at Katunayake on the west coast, about an hour’s drive north of Colombo and 30 minutes south of Negombo. You will need to obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) prior to your visit to Sri Lanka.

As from May 2009, this conflict ended and Sri Lanka is now at peace. Please consult your doctor for up to date information before you travel. As with all tropical countries, you need to apply mosquito repellent regularly.

Those containing DEET can often be very effective Can I use my mobile phone in Sri Lanka? Its climate is tropical but with no seasonal variations. All banks are shut at weekends and public holidays.It has a north-east monsoon from late October to January which is mainly effective in the north of Sri Lanka and the east and south-west monsoon from May to late June which is very wet and most of the country receives lot of rain. Changing Traveller’s Cheques can be a time-consuming process in a Bank, however, most Hotels will change these but the rate may not be such a good one. Banks in towns are generally open 9am to 3pm Mon-Fri. On arrival at Colombo Airport, it is best to change some money at the Banks just before the Arrival Hall where there are 24hr facilities.A lot was written in the press in the UK as to how dangerous it was to travel to Sri Lanka.

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