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Beginning on the 5 was led by Moroccan commandos who killed the sentries, immediately followed by cavalry that engaged the XIV International Brigade.

Another column crossed the Arganda Bridge, which failed to collapse when its charges were detonated, but was halted by the Garibaldi Battalion of the XII I. German and Russian aircraft clashed overhead, the Russians retaining control.

He was allowed to return to Spain after the war, and claim a Colonel’s pension; had he ever been of any use to the Republic he would undoubtedly have been shot.

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Rapidly deploying in open formation, the Battalion went into the attack against the advancing Moors.

The Fascist troops faltered, then hastily dropped down to cover.

The first deployment of the XV was a cock-up; they were poorly equipped, had no maps and had not been told the enemy had already crossed the river, so they came under fire as soon as they began to descend the valley.

The machine-gun company found it had been given the wrong ammunition. “Reaching the crest of the hills overlooking the valley and the river, the three companies of the Battalion met the full force of the Fascist advance.

Malaga suffered from the same government prejudice as Catalonia, agriculture on the coastal strip was mostly collectivised and the city had been held by Confederal militia, only three-quarters of whom were armed; they had sixteen artillery pieces in total.

The government’s military representative was Communist fellow-traveller Colonel Villalba, whose incompetence on the Huesca front had inflicted significant losses on the Durruti Column.

Did he sacrifice Malaga on Franco’s or Stalin’s orders? The Nationalists then sought to cut the road from Madrid to Valencia, which required skirting the south of the city and crossing the valley of the Jarama River.

The action was intended to coincide with an attack on Guadalajara by the Italians but they weren’t ready so Franco went ahead anyway.

Only the sheer audacity of this handful of men could have achieved this.

Had the Fascist officers been aware of the true position on our side, they would have overwhelmed the Battalion by sheer superiority of arms and numbers.” – George Leeson, antifascist: ‘Spain Today, February 1947.

Out of this environment new businesses and new industries will be born.

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