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And also the review by Arin, the kid who can't spell?

I watch my son play and the servers have nothing to do with "sex" they are named things like "survival games s1 and death match s3" and only custom servers have names too.

I now use this app to keep my son quiet and busy all the time Not a safe nor appropriate game for kids. Yesterday, I found my 10 year old son chatting with random people. He became defensive and began to cry, I found out that pretty much all they are doing is talking crap to each other. I could tell that his stress level was pretty high from this stupid game and his participation.

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As they would say, this game sucks, and we are all probably dumber for playing it.

I don't understand why people hate on this game, I mean, sure it has chat, but of you want to talk to some creepy pervert, you can just go to a local strip mall.

Nous serons toujours à l’écoute de vos remarques et suggestions.

Ce temps supplémentaire nous est précieux pour vous présenter un vrai jeu de qualité avec un contenu conséquent dès lors de son accès (fonctionnalités, personnalisation, vêtements, rooms etc …) De la part de toute l’équipe LIMITLESS A bientôt, nous comptons sur vous …

We will keep you informed of the progress and for the starting date beta delay.

This delay This delay is due to a much greater workload than anticipated, a restructuring of the team and redistribution of tasks have been necessary in order to reduce this delay as much as possible.

Only later did I realize that this is a game played with strangers, with the ability to chat which is a HUGE concern.

I downloaded this off of the App Store for an airplane last year to keep my then 7 year old son quiet, but my daughter thought it looked fun so they both played it on the airplane until I discovered the chat feature, but my son really liked the game and I liked him quiet so I looked around and found a switch to turn off chat in the game settings.

Ce retard est dû à une charge de travail bien plus importante que prévue, une restructuration de l’équipe et redistribution des tâches ont été nécessaires afin de réduire ce retard au maximum.

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