Grandmothers who enjoy sex

And In a happy coincidence, the grandmother hypothesis comes along just as Americans enter what might be called the Age of Old Age.America's biggest generation, the baby-boomers, began retiring in 2011. By 2060, more than 20 percent of all Americans will be 65 or older, up from 13 percent in 2010.A woman outlives her eggs by about 20 years, which almost no other female mammals do. They eat food working people might make better use of.

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From the point of view of the selfish gene, creatures are supposed to drop dead as soon as they lose the power to reproduce.

A man can make babies his whole life, even if the sperm of his old age lacks vigor and genetic fidelity.

In the tribes that anthropologists have been able to observe, some couples stayed in the wife's village, some moved in with her parents while starting their families, and some women left home.

Patrilocality—men staying put—probably became the norm only when our ancestors settled down to farm, which made men unwilling to leave their land and wealth.

Children dropped dead with disturbing ease, keeping life-expectancy averages low.

But humans still had the capacity to live twice as long as our hominid ancestors.

Didn't those have to come from the meat brought back from the hunt?

Moreover, throughout recorded history, young women left their villages to move in with their men.

Most societies don't actually murder their grannies, but that women manage to attain old age is an evolutionary mystery and requires past menopause, whether in the Pleistocene era or the nineteenth century.

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