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Casey discovers that the father had thrown himself over his children to shield them from the fire and the team mourn his heroic sacrifice. Meanwhile, Severide saves a man whose arm got stuck in a wheel well and also finds out that he's a former firefighter.

Unfortunately, the crew are sued by the deceased man's wife for failing to save him. Firehouse 51 attend a call to a man wedged between two buildings.

Dawson receives Jones' suicide note but will not say what it says. Firehouse 51 receive a call of a man stuck in a wood chipper.

Boden helps out a citizen with a neglectful landlord. Mills makes the squad but quickly finds himself in hot water with a reporter.

During a frigid, cold night in Chicago, Firehouse 51 responds to a car accident when a blackout occurs and leaves an entire district without electricity or power.

Casey tries to convince everyone, and himself, at the firehouse that he is alright.

Meanwhile Shay is being targeted by lawyers asking about witnessing a suicide at a rescue.

The men are swamped when locals flock to firehouse seeking a warm place during the blackout. Herrmann, Dawson and Otis continue to debate on future plans for Molly's.

Clarke gets caught up in a looting and held at gunpoint while getting supplies at a store and Boden has to deal with unwelcome guests at the firehouse. Severide continues his search for Katie and turns to Chicago Police for help.

Mc Leod's budget cuts mean that they are stretched to their limits dealing with a flaming propane tank and multiple victims.

Heather is released from prison and makes a life-changing decision.

While Severide finds himself being targeted by a dangerous arsonist, Firehouse 51 takes on new blood and new rules to avoid shuttering its doors due to budget cuts. As Molly's bar continues to struggle, Mouch gets a campaign assist from a friend of Dawson's.

Severide tries to find proof that Kevin Hadley, one of his former men on Squad 3, was the arsonist. The fallout from a deadly routine call causes a rift between Shay and Dawson.

Severide takes matters into his own hands to find his sister Katie. The men find a way to repay a young victim who had supported them when 51 was nearly closed down.

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