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It wasn't as bad last night as previous nights, but it is really doing my head in now! Try rubbing Vicks Vapour Rub into your feet at night. I did this for 2 nights running and didn't wake up once coughing. Even if you don't believe it will work, give it a go as it did for me.

Just wondering whether the central heating is making it worse or even the cause/ Sue, 7 weeks is a long get it sorted soon - do you have any other symptoms? Put socks on and sleep You might think that this won't work, but it did for me a few weeks ago and I know others who swear by this. My daughters pre school teacher was telling me this yesterday as i was complaining she has a cough at night - I am going to give it a go tonight and see if it worls, i hope so!

Got them from the chemist they are made by "potters". Ive had this cough for 7 weeks now been perscribed antibiotics 2 weeks ago for it and its not taken it away back at docs this week again!!

Ive tried every cough med going nothing as worked for me im sick of it now Have just posted this elsewhere too.

Hello I have had this dry cough for what seems like forever! Can anyone recommend a GOOD cough medicine..i am on Corvonia at the mo..useless! I haven't even got a cold...i am so fed up with it as it is stopping me sleeping. You can buy pholcodine at Boots and probably other chemists.

Nasreen Get something with pholcodine in it - this is a cough suppressant which should help to stop you coughing. I have included a link about it but this is for an online pharmacy.Swinger porn is not a hobby; it's a life style whether it's a wife swapping, amateur swinger party or group sex orgy at home.Real swingers never hide their erotic desires from their spouses because they get a new partner every time they wanna put their fantasies into practice.Get well soon xx Iv'e had same cough for 6 weeks now, just wont go away, gets worse when I laugh and at night, seems I cough so much I have a few seconds of trying to breathe in because my cough has taken my breathe away, I also have phlem which annoys me, if it isnt the cough its the cold.Iv'e taken everything but nothing works, Last night woke up with chest pains, still have them now.To make friends with each other, we supplied our amateur swingers with a forum as an addition.

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