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Confirmed Bachelor, Cherchez La Femme (2) () (1)It unlocks new dialogue options and increases damage to opposite sex by ten percent.

Friend of the Night (2) (Pe 6, Sn 30) (1)Now you’ll be able to see in low-light conditions in lesser time. (2) (St 5, Ex 30) (1)Throwing weapons will now have a greater and a faster range.

Swift Learner (2) (In 4) (3)Earned experience points will now always be 10% more.

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Stonewall (8) (St 6, En 6) (1)Damage Threshold is increased by 5 to all the melee and un armed attacks.

Strong Back (8) (St 5, En 5) (1)Carry weight is now 50.

Finesse (10) (Sci 70) (1)Cost of AP is now decreased by 10 percent.

Miss Fortune (10) (LK 6) (1)This may incapacitate a target in vats by Miss Fortune.

Mister Sandman (10 (Sn 60) (1)Extra Bonus, will kill a sleeping NPC at once.

Mysterious Stranger (10) (LK 6) (1)May kill a target in Vats. (1) (In 5, Sci 50) (1)Damage Threshold is increased by 15, and the strength is also increased by 10 but your health is decreased by twenty percent.

As the name indicates, it will feature post-apocalyptic Vegas. Before you start reading all the perks, read our guides on Stats and Traits and Skills and Attributes to understand more about what benefits these perks can bring you.

Along with new story, new characters, and new city, Fallout New Vegas will also feature new powerful perks that your character can pick after gaining few experience levels, that will improve your performance with V. Black Widow, Lady Killer (2) () (1)It unlocks new dialogue options and increases damage to opposite sex by ten percent.

Travel Light (4) (Su 45) (1)Your speed while wearing no or light armor will be increased by 10 percent.

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