Intimidating students

Incorporating technology increases students’ motivation to learn and personalizes lessons to a student’s individual needs.Even the students with the most severe and profound disabilities can use assistive technology to join a classroom of typical students, and their potential can be reached in ways we didn’t have before.

They may spread rumors to their school friends and others about the teacher.

There are many things that older students can do in order to take advantage of the teacher, not only in the classroom but also in their everyday lives.

For children with physical disabilities, technology can give access to learning opportunities previously closed to them.

E-readers help students turn book pages without applying dexterity, and voice adaptive software can help students answer questions without needing to write.

"The problem is, when you are a student, you don't know whether the person is a flag waver because of southern roots, or a flag waver because of something deeper and darker," she said.

After months of making the case, some parents want action.

The school board has a work session planned for May 31.

They said they will look at potential revisions to the school dress code and hear from legal experts on the subject.

Here, though, we’ll concentrate on classroom practices.

The authors look at each issue, ask what the research says, and offer teacher-tested strategies for teaching students with learning and behavior problems.

Assistive technology is not always just for students with disabilities; it can be used to help any student with motivation, academic skills, and social development.

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