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In December 2009 Mark Onetto, chief of operations and customer relations at Amazon and a close collaborator of Bezos, gave an hourlong lecture on the Amazon Way to master’s of business administration students at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

Onetto is a disconcerting figure, because once he starts talking, style and substance are in sharp contrast.

Within the corporate world, Amazon now ranks with Apple as among the United States’ most esteemed businesses.

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Like most such corporate mission statements, Onetto’s uses a coded language that hides the harshness of his underlying message, which needs translation along with a hefty reality check.

As with Walmart so at Amazon, there is a quasi-religious cult of the customer as an object of “trust” and “care”; Amazon “cares about the customer,” and “everything is driven” for him or her.

In the past three years, the harsh side of Amazon has come to light in the United Kingdom and Germany as well as the United States, and Amazon’s contrasting conduct in America and Britain, on one side, and in Germany, on the other, reveals how the political economy of Germany is employee friendly in a way that those of the other two countries no longer are.

Amazon, like General Electric and Walmart, prides itself as a self-consciously ideological corporation, with Jeff Bezos and his senior executives proclaiming an “Amazon Way” that can illuminate the path forward for less innovative businesses.

Some participants during the debate revealed that there were certain chiefs who were instructing their subjects to vote for a DPP candidate.

But government spokesman Dausi described the allegations as incorrect and misleading.Early in the lecture, Onetto quotes Bezos himself as saying, “I am not selling stuff.I am facilitating for my customers to buy what they need.” Amazon’s larding of its customer cult with the moral language of “care” and “trust” comes with a strong dose of humbug because Amazon’s customers are principally valued by the corporation as mainstays of the bottom line, and not as vehicles for the fulfillment of personal relationships.“In a democratic society, people are free to participate in the electoral process peacefully, without any fear and intimidation until they vote for a candidate of their choice.“We urge traditional leaders who are doing that to stop as that violates the right of people to choose a candidate of their choice. I kept chanting, "I love you for this, who made this treasure?

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