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Plus, “downloading and watching American series with or without Farsi (Persian) subtitles is widely common in Iran,” he says.

“So it won’t be more than a couple of hours after a show is broadcasted in the U.

He climbed on an athletes' bus and rode 50 minutes from the Olympic village to the stadium. The flags have metal poles, and are heavier than they look, he said. "I was trying not to look like I was struggling as the TV cameras were on me," he said.

"I was trying not to lose control and drop the flag." He walked in the athletes' parade, and watched the Olympic flame be extinguished.

When the exhausted Iranian Olympic team opted not to participate in the rainy closing ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro, the team asked one of its Rio volunteers to carry the country's flag into the stadium on its behalf.

That volunteer was 22-year-old Cam Galindo from Hamilton, who spent the next few hours star struck amid the world's elite athletes, circling Maracana stadium to represent a country he's never visited. Galindo has spent the last month as a Olympic volunteer, assigned to supporting Iran's Olympic team.

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