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Transmission of sex videos, chat or nude pictures amounts to crime under Section 67B of The IT Act, 2000 and the punishment is up to seven years of jail and Rs 10 lakh of fine.' Another worker of an NGO, which rescues young girls from sexual exploitation, quoted several cases where women were first given training to perform before a web camera, read out scripted text for their potential clients and fix appointments.

'In some of these cases, many women did not know that the live-streaming was also being recorded and would later be uploaded at various porn sites or used for continued exploitation,' said the NGO worker who requested anonymity.

Other Pakistani chat rooms which includes purpose chat rooms do require user registration however are completely internet-based and do not require any software program download. Had we not been poor we would not have migrated to Delhi in search of jobs.

And if Samantha was too much for you, Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) offered up their own unique perspectives, giving the foursome an original, entertaining, and important balance of personalities and feminist (or anti-feminist) outlooks. 4 of 12It is a widely recognized fact that roughly 40% of middle aged and older women have difficulties related to sex.

What have you made of the way Malcolm and Vivienne Westwood's fashion sense still resonates with punk today? 7 meters) from head to rump with its tail adding an extra 2 to 3.

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The official agreed that cyber sex trade was growing fast.

'This is easy money for the agent or performer and offers privacy to a customer.

'There have been instances where several such acts were recorded with the consent of the performer, using special software, and later uploaded on adult sites or You Tube,' said Haldar, who said while courts are seized of the matter, stringent laws are needed to curb exploitation.

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