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So when I last updated, we were finishing our contracts in Massachusetts in September 2016 and planning to go on vacation to Jamaica! We had our next contracts set up in North Carolina for 2 weeks after our end date in Massachusetts, leaving about a week to go home to Virginia to visit family, a week for the vacation, and a couple days for the move.We had so far always done back to back to back contracts with only a weekend between (including the time we left VA on Friday and started work in MA on Monday).

Jamaica sex dating no creditcard free

Jared climbed up in the hood and was able to visibly see the problem (thank goodness, because we were already wondering how the heck do you get a truck towed with a camper attached??

not to mention worrying what we would do about getting the camper home and make our repair appointment and flights on time).

Stay tuned and I’ll update on our adventures in Fayetteville (someday 😉 ha)!

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It was completely paid for with credit card reward points, from the flights to the all inclusive hotels.

We took advantage of my American Express Platinum membership rewards perks and specifically planned our flights with a long layover in Miami, where they have an exclusive Centurion Lounge with free food and alcohol. We had fun being fancy and gluttonous at the lounge, and then enjoyed a nice snooze on our final flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica! We split our stay between two all inclusive resorts based on points allocation.

So we took it to the Ford dealership, and they ended up replacing the Turbo hose which was an unexpected cost, but we were glad to have it fixed and ready for the next adventure. We dropped off the camper, made it to the airport, and were in vacation mode!

In transit again We left Roanoke the night before our flights, planning to sleep in another Walmart parking lot, so we could drop the camper off first thing in the morning in NC for repairs and head to the airport. We (…Jared) did some serious planning to make this trip one for the books!

It had rained during the drive, and when we got to the Walmart to sleep, we discovered that the skylight in our bedroom had cracked and broken, letting water pour inside onto our bed! This was also the first time that we had the truck and camper without being at a campground, so we had to figure out where to put it while we were home for a week. This time Jared’s dad was able to come meet us and help out, again on the side of the road, this time in the dark.

Unfortunately we didn’t really know anyone with enough space to park it. We also wanted to take the truck in to have it looked at to make sure everything was okay. They got the clamp fixed and we were back on the road again. Luckily, things went smoothly for the rest of that trip.

In transit So we were all set to leave Massachusetts and make the 13 hour drive back to Virginia. Jared called me to say he was pulling over and something was wrong.

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