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They are given 10 minutes to grab from ,000 worth of fabric in three tents set up in Bryant Park. The remaining designers are asked to create a two-piece garment for Sarah Jessica Parker's BITTEN line using of materials and only one day to complete their look.

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The winner is dependent on who did the best according to the clients, and they are judged on time management.

Each designer is randomly paired with another designer and asked to select a team leader.

Each team is asked to create an avant-garde outfit based on inspiration from their models' hair styles.

They are given a budget of $300 and two days to create this look.

The leader of the winning team receives immunity in the next challenge, while the winning team and their outfits are featured in a TRESemme fashion shoot.

Teams: The designers are tasked with creating an iconic look using deconstructed denim fabric and white cotton while also showing off the Levi's 501 legacy.

The winning design was sold beginning in November 2007 at Steve & Barry's stores.

Each designer picks one of 12 outdated fashion trends.

Christian Siriano is given ,000 as the winner of the viewer "Fan Favorite" contest by Season 3's Mychael Knight.

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