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The first challenge was registrations an NGO for sexual minorities the constitution doesn’t recognize sexual minorities so BDS was register as a sexual health programme.

The BDS work in Kathmandu with local communities and on a national level with the mission to improve the sexual health, human rights and well being of sexual and gender minorities in Nepal including third-genders ,gay men, bisexuals, lesbian, and other men who have sex with men.

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MISSION * Blue diamond society fights for sexual and gender minority’s social justice and right.

* We deliver immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of sexual and gender minorities in Nepal and beyond.

He said he's learned some Nepalese friends are alive through other friends in India."They've lost loved ones and property," he said."This is a great tragedy.

Working for sexual minorities in a conservative country like Nepal which still disapproves sexual behaviour other than heterosexual and therefore people like us was extremely challenging.

BDS has done an exceptional job in publicizing these incidents on the local, national and international level, bringing attention to this situation.

VISION * Societies which respect and value each sexual and gender minorities.Krishna Lohani and his father-in-law Chinta Mani Adhikariat his Valhalla home on Monday.He is from the village of Nuwakot, Nepal, which was severely damaged by the earthquake in Kathmandu, 75 miles away.Swami Balgopal said 29 temple families had lost all their relatives.People can't fly home to help, he said, because it's hard to get a flight."You can't get to the suburbs," he said.He said it's important to pray, send emails, and give the people there psychological support.

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