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Exhibit A: Early on in the movie, Jake (below left) finds out Sam likes him, so he decides to mull things over by talking to his friend and fellow high school senior classmate.

Hands down, I beat Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald) in the lame 16th-birthday department.

However, this movie has me beat is in the "film that basically created the teen movie genre as we know it today, perfectly captured what it's like to be 16, and made the incomparable Ringwald a superstar" department. turning the dirty 30, I'm kicking back, streaming this movie online, and sharing with you the 16 reasons it's the perfect teen movie.1) Everyone simultaneously looks 17 and 37.

This isn't even the only time his attraction to younger women is addressed in the novel, although one could argue about whether it's canonical.

"Also in the novelization, Marcus Brody finds Indy in his bathrobe at his house because he's just entertained a co-ed.

Anyway, it's not only the guys with this problem in don't actually look their age.

It adds to the movie's funky and low-budget vibe.

After all, he says in Nepal: "She knew what she was doing." Lucas didn't rub the audiences nose in it, but it was always a part of the relationship.

"This is a resource that you can either mine or not. You don't think about it that much," Lucas explained. 'I was jail bait the last time we were together.' She can flaunt it at him, but at the same time she never says, 'I was fifteen years old.' "Even if we don't mention it, when we go to cast the part we're going to end up with a woman who's about twenty-three and a hero who's about thirty-five." Karen Allen played the character, and she was 30 when the film was released. The age of their original affair, outside of the lines quoted above, was kept as subtext, and in the Hollywood tradition of male stars being older than their love interests, the difference in age didn't seem shocking, or even strange.

This is the dialog, as shown in IMDB's quotes section: Wait. One of the most interesting things about Raiders of the Lost Ark is that we have the transcript of the 1978 story meetings between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan. Spielberg: She had better be older than twenty-two. I know it's an outrageous idea, but it is interesting.

These three men sat in a room and threw out ideas before the movie was written, and it's an interesting look at the process behind one of the most influential action films of all time. Lucas: He's thirty-five, and he knew her ten years ago when he was twenty-five and she was only twelve. Once she's sixteen or seventeen it's not interesting anymore. This is a brainstorming session, so bad ideas are going to be presented and ultimately thrown out, but the idea that Marion was way too young when the relationship started was always part of the characters.

After finding some common ground with his ex-rival The Game, Thugger has reconciled with another former foe, Future. 4), while Drake ignited his feud with Hot 97, Hendrix and Thugger showed their newfound friendship. “He’s Tito.” Then, more recently in February, the two reignited their feud with a Twitter war of words.

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