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The bar’s open, and some feisty women are mixing things up in the vodka industry. Sipping cocktails by the pool, a conversation ensued about women in the liquor industry and how we are essentially being ignored, not just in advertising but at the bar, as well. ” moment struck as we realized that, in general, men order by brand (). I tend to be very quick and enthusiastic, while Carrie’s more thoughtful, marinating on ideas for awhile, yet we truly listen to each other’s opinions.

Based just north of Atlanta in Roswell, Carrie King and Lee Ann Maxwell launched their Vixen Vodka brand in fall 2012, kicking their way into the liquor industry’s Good Ol’ Boys Club with sharp red stilettos. Carrie: I said, “Well, we should just start our own! And we have a mantra that if we don’t agree on something, we don’t do it.

Sometimes you don’t want advice; you want a shoulder. I remember when we’d be with each other every day in school hallways, or neighborhoods, or at work.

Life changes — marriages, kids, moves— and we struggle to see each other, but the love between us is the same.

By the start of 2002, Stellings had 18 years broadcasting and management experience with Radio Medica, a local hospital radio station.

This, together with his involvement with other radio projects in the area, and his work with the Giant Bradley Festival Committee in Market Weighton, led him to thinking that it would be good for the area to set up a temporary radio station to promote the Giant Bradley Festival and Market Weighton's local businesses, and offer local information.

Listen to your gut, and be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Things can get tense, but a good laugh can normally help shake it off and get refocused, which thankfully we are able to do … Lee Ann: Omigosh, I love party buses and a good road trip! Simons Island, where it all started almost five years ago. We’d need Sara Blakely there to make sure we’re SPANXed for nights out dancing, and the Barefoot Contessa to supply some yummy appetizers (we’ll take care of the cocktails, Ina darlin’). Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are a must, and, to wrap it up, Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson.

The station then began permanent broadcasting on 10 January 2009 on the frequency of 101.8 FM.

The concept for Vixen came from a local Market Weighton born and bred man, Paul Stellings.

I’m not above paying to “play”, so I used to roam the backpages for escorts and massages pretty frequently.

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Another part of the plan was to provide a very wide music policy, including music from as far back as the 1940s and 1950s, together with specialist music programmes, rarely catered for by other broadcasters.

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