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LUFKIN, Texas — A former Texas kindergarten teacher is accused of having sex with four high school students, two of them at the same time, according to an arrest warrant released Monday.

Heather Lee Robertson, 38, was arrested Saturday on four counts of an improper relationship, KTRE reports.

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The following deposit requirements and concession stipulations will be appliedbased on scoring model recommendations: Accept: Standard Deposit Low Accept: Standard Deposit plus $200Conditional: Standard Deposit plus $350Refer: Standard deposit plus $350Applicants without credit history must provide proof of employment (minimum of six (6) months).

Applicants who are residents of foreign countries and do not have a social security number, must provide proof of foreign citizenship, written verification of employment, and proof of income (two (2) most recent paycheck stubs). An applicant’s criminal history must be checked, so if there is a problem with verification of the criminal history, further review will be required.

Any person convicted for crimes of a sexual nature, designated as a sexual predator/offender, or under consideration by any court for being declared a sexual predator/offender generally will not be accepted.

Our decisions are based on the information provided by a third party verification service at the time of application.

I accepted the resignation (Thursday) afternoon, and it has been submitted through the appropriate legal channels.

The Colony * 300 Champions Drive* Lufkin, Texas 75901* (936) 637-1881 * fax (936) 637-2063 BH MANAGEMENT SERVICES, LLC * STATEMENT OF LEASING POLICIES BH Management Services, LLC does not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap status, familial status, or any other state or locally protected classifications.On April 20, police began investigating after receiving information about Robertson and several teenage students.One student told police that he and Robertson started talking and “sexting” on Snapchat.Applicants with a record of a violent crime(s), including a violent crime felony conviction or deferred adjudication of a felony violent crime, will generally bedeclined, as subject to an applicant’s right to submit mitigating evidence as described below. Applicants with a record of a non-violent felony or felonies that have occurred within the past seven (7) years will generally be declined.This includes applicants with a nonviolent felony or felonies conviction or deferred adjudication.On Friday, Hudson Independent School District Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker released a statement to the paper: “We acted immediately and began our investigation,” Whiteker said.

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