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He has campaign medals that no one even recognizes.

Where the hell is Kosovo, or for that matter “Southwest Asia,” anyway? They think it’s cool as hell that someone went from enlisted to officer.

Maybe he’s a former Superstar who crashed and burned. Maybe he was a talented officer who didn’t know how to play the game. Nevertheless, assuming he’s reached sanctuary and has his retirement locked up, he’s reached a nirvana few officers ever truly reach: actually, truly running out of shits to give.

The military may be screwing him, but he’s taking advantage of his dire straits so he can lay back and enjoy it. If he plays his cards right, he can get that choice gig working for the base or something, and joining the ranks of the “in by 09-ish, PT at 1100, out by…eh…1500-ish, give or take an hour.”Sure, his pride took a hit in the shorts when he read the promotion list and didn’t find his name on it.

The senior enlisted troops are not nearly as enamored, because the Mustang doesn’t fall for their bullshit. If you need time off, how about you just freakin’ say it?

”The Mustang is not, objectively speaking, that much older than his contemporaries.

Sure, she liked video games more than most, and for some reason she attended renaissance fairs in full costume, but she wasn’t that bad.

She was a strange deployment roommate, but other than the whole ordering-drinks-with-umbrellas thing, she was an okay person.

Friends describe me as sweet and very laid back and I really am content just about anywhere, but I enjoy all the usual things.

Welcome to the dating site for those who are seeking a more casual no strings kind of encounter.

But whatever happened during those seven or eight extra years of enlisted service, it sure looks like it got to him.

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