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Over The Wall is broadcast as part of 3CR's Monday Breakfast at 7.50am.

Informing people of changes within government services which impact upon the social safety net, and how to better deal with bureaucracy and how to protect your rights.

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Breathing reality into the myths, fabrications and distortions that exist around drugs. Fire Up MUA is events and issues in the Maritime industry, politics and community.

Presented by 3CR affiliate the Maritime Union of Australia.

Available on audio on demand for 1 week after the show.

focusing on feminist and anarchist issues, race and colonisation particularly in australia, wimmin in punk, diy culture, news and events A weekly source of alternative information which aims to inspire action and organisation to put people and the environment first.

Listen to film makers talk about their work, and hear film reviews and recommendations for television viewing. News and interviews with marine scientists, campaigners and conservation workers.

Presented by volunteer broadcasters who are passionate about marine environments, both local and across the world.The wall of sonic plethora, all a weighty sound, strains the foundations of the apartment The Apartment of Sound.Once a week the weight will be slightly alleviated, as the engulfed pair play a smattering of the heavy sounds that surround.Stories and issues from the Asia Pacific region with a labour and grassroots perspective.Regular interviews with activists from countries in the Asia Pacific region. Psychogeographic, journalistic radio decollage portal to sonic personifiication.Every fortnight, Jane brings you a subjective guide to local gigs, playing the music of the performers she recommends you get out and see live that week.

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