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If 14 days pass without the record being updated or refreshed the record becomes eligible for scavenging.The above steps only enable DNS scavenging on the zone.Tick the box that says “enable automatic scavenging for stale records” and set how often you’d like it to run.

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Ms dns not updating

TIP: To work out when automatic DNS scavenging will run next find the most recent 2501/2502 event and add the scavenging period to it.

If you already knew all the above it is likely you have been caught out by the following: The server is not authorised to perform scavenging on this domain – This was the cause of my scavenging issues; a good indication of this is that there are no 2501/2502 events logged when you run scavenging.

For Windows 2003 servers this is in the system event log, for 2008 it is in the DNS event log.

This is important as it should be the first place you look if you suspect scavenging isn’t working; it ALWAYS logs this when scavenging takes place, if there is no entry then scavenging failed and you need to investigate why.

This to allow ample time for DNS records and timestamps to be updated on all DNS servers.

For those of you wondering how this calculated it is the date you enabled DNS scavenging plus the no-refresh interval.

Most of you reading this will already know what DNS Scavenging is.

For those of you that don’t it is a feature of Windows DNS servers which allows you to automate the deletion (scavenge) of outdated DNS resource records.

After we enable DNS scavenging on the zone we immediately run a manual scavenge but notice that the records with timestamps older than 01/04/12 haven’t been deleted.

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