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John #01-22, Lanmadaw Township; Yangon; (500 feet from Taw Win Plaza along Pyay […] WHO: Gui Mi Restaurant (闺蜜小吃店) WHERE: No.

71, 19th Street (Lower Block), Latha Township, Yangon. Kw Uzn Svzgu Spend long enough in South East Asia, and you learn to instinctively avoid the Lads on Tour and the trustafarians here to ‘find themselves’.

While many find the attitude within Myanmar towards the Rohingya puzzling, writer Ma Thida explains how decades of dictatorship has affected the psyche of a nation.

Becoming ‘fierce’ about one’s own well-being is a reaction to living under an oppressive regime, she writes.

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Ma Thida, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison because of her activism and released only because of international pressure after six years, writes eloquently of the lack of coping mechanisms.

Not only is there repressed anger and continuing fear, but, after living under oppressive conditions for over 60 years, people don’t know how to express either.

For lasting peace and stability, the ruling National League for Democracy has to also secure the participation and cooperation of ethnic minorities in the country. 2), we look at how the key players have lined up their alliances in the new era; how the new government’s economic and social welfare strategies reflect the departing junta’s inequitable and ecologically-unsustainable development policies; the psychological impact of the dictatorship on nation’s psyche; and the human rights violations that continue against the Rohingya.

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