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Is Lil Cease misstating something, possibly that there was a fire at the event?

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During a part of the film that was later touched on in was the fact that people in jail were telling Tupac that Biggie's people had shot him.

An interesting theory from this documentary is the possibility that the people in jail were possibly FBI or other law enforcement authorities placed there to try and influence Tupac because they were concerned about hip-hop in the same way they were concerned about the black power movement in the 70s.

Tupac wasn't married, but he was dating one of Quincy Jones' daughters at the time, Kidada Jones. Because of the continued interest in this topic I've redone and updated some of the dead links for this page.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in this topic to watch the documentary and read the books mentioned at the bottom.

UPDATE 4/2010: A judge dismissed the lawsuit brought against the LAPD by Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace. That man, Harry Billups (aka Amir Muhammad) was fingered by several other individuals as being the man who killed Biggie.

The Nation of Islam has been alleged tied to some other prominent murders, including that of Malcom X.

Arguably, since their death, no other rap artists have come close to their acclaim and infamy.

Nick Broomfield's documentary takes a closer look into the supposed "East Coast vs West Coast" rap war and it's two most prominent victims.

One of the first interesting characters we meet is Tupac's biological father, Billy Garland, a person who we don't hear much about except his experiences directly with Tupac and meeting Biggie in the hospital after Tupac had been shot.

It isn't mentioned whether or not he was a Black Panther like Tupac's mother, Afni Shakur, or if he had any association with the black power movement of the 70s.

I've just watched "Biggie & Tupac" for the first time and thought it had some interesting theories and viewpoints in it that I had not heard before.

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