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Cupping her breasts, the athlete stood side on emphasising her burgeoning belly after revealing she was expecting her first child with husband-to-be Alexis Ohanian.

John has since told ESPN: "[Serena] also said to me, 'Respect my privacy,’ and then I saw her doing a Demi Moore lookalike thing on the cover of Vanity Fair."The 58-year-old was speaking on the first day of Wimbledon yesterday, referencing actress Demi’s controversial 1991 photo while seven months pregnant.

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Anorexia had plagued me on and off throughout high school, and after two months of therapy, carefully planned meals, and heart-to-hearts with other patients, I was cleared to leave that August.

Maintaining a healthy weight was a condition to stay in college.

Set it with a powder illuminator like the As you hit your forties, you may notice that everything starts to fade. It’s important not to go overboard – you want to look vibrant, but not clown-like – the concept of putting colour on your cheeks is all about mimicking a natural healthy glow and replacing lost colour rather than creating a statement.

A sweep of youth-enhancing blush from the apples of your cheeks to your hairline will add volume and brightness, draw attention from fine lines, and have the effect of providing a natural face lift.

Containing four or more shades, each features yellow to counteract redness, peach to cancel blue tones, lilac to mute yellow, and beige for neutralising.

We love Move away from intense (and ageing) black kajal, which can look hard and graphic, and instead settle for more subtle tones of navy, khaki and brown to give eyes a softer definition.

If nothing else, I figured, it was an easy way to make a few extra bucks— for a three-hour class—so I called the number she gave me, and the teacher picked me up from campus that Saturday.

As he drove me to his house/studio, my nerves kicked up—not because I was in a car with a stranger but because we weren't acknowledging the elephant in the room: He was about to stare at me naked.

My friend told me nude modeling for a figure-drawing class had helped her become less judgmental of her body and feel less like a sexual object.

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