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It's a pity I didn't finish with the last section - if you don't like sport this last section is pretty boring. People have written down team name lists for just about everything!

you'll be more proud if you take these ideas, add in your situation, and whatever "in jokes" you have and make it golden.

Many of these are kind of tailored toward funny trivia team names, but I've tried to keep in mind people coming to this page will be after all kind of funny names team, so it should have something for everyone. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Usually when I search the internet to make a list, like for Card messages, I find nothing but crap. I have stuff copied from all over the place, plus a few of my own and a couple from friends.

Heck - you can even try making up a new word like "Hyper Synergistic Penguiness" if you can't put together a real one.

So here you are, at your trivia night, and you know there's probably some kind of reward for the best (i.e.

Hopefully a few people around the room will be able to translate (or look it up) for their team.

:) Here are some team names which could only really work for the activity they are described for.

but since there are so many sports I decided to just take a few. Choose a name which lets the boss know that you object, without being too obvious about it.

If you have a specific sport in mind try one of the links down the bottom. Or maybe you're the guy who is actually enjoying it all - probably keep that to yourself for a while and don't seem too happy.

A name like "The Tigers" may *sound* kind-of powerful, but the best names are almost always the funny and playful team names.

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