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Han’s friends said, “Se7en has revealed the truth about the 2’s love relationship, he was saying everything from his heart.It was pressurising being together as lovers like that.Even though both sides had initially denied that the pair had broken up when he enlisted, now entertainment insiders have revealed that they indeed went their separate ways in March when Se7en enlisted.

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When Se7en advanced to America and was caught playing dirty at clubs and stuff, she calmed everyone down saying it was all lies.

Obviously the room salon scandal was undeniable so she suffered a mental breakdown from that and all...

According to the report, the two met each other through SBS's drama 'A Well Grown Daughter Hana' and soon developed feelings for each other.

It was said that Jung Eun Woo showed much affection for Park Han Byul as he gave her much comfort during her hard times as she suffered much from Se7en's massage palor controversy which later led to their break up earlier this year.

As friends of the same age, the two had apparently grown close to each other – eventually turning their friendship into a romantic one.

The two were often spotted in various resorts in Thailand, Hong Kong and more.

He wrote a post on his minihompy on the 10th with the title “I’ll reveal everything” talking about his relationship with Park Han Byul.

All this while, the 2 had time-after-time denied their love relationship.

[ 44, -7] Park Han Byul began dating Se7en in high school when she transferred to Anyang Arts.

Her family's pretty wealthy too and she's always been known for having a pretty sweet and naive personality.

But things just piled up and I can only be sorry to those who believed me with their hearts but I didn’t come clean about it.

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