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One day during fourth grade, Wright was accused of stealing the lunch money of a classmate, Miles Edgeworth.

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Wright could take no more of this and ran out of the courtroom.

By the time he was forced back inside, he had eaten the necklace.

Meanwhile, Hawthorne was convicted and sentenced to death.

After receiving his law degree, Wright became a pupil of Mia Fey and a member of Fey & Co. In his first case, he successfully defended his childhood friend, Larry Butz.

Wright has also been a defendant himself at least three times in his life, each time hiring a different lawyer (including representing himself). He once told Apollo Justice that he was raised in a barn, in order to explain the untidiness of his hospital bed, although he was most likely joking about this.

At one point in his life, Wright broke into a cattle ranch and tipped some cows.

Wright then left, but a few minutes later, a crowd began to gather around where Swallow had fallen, and Wright returned to the scene to find Swallow dead, with Wright's cold medicine in his hand. Wright's lawyer was Mia Fey, a rookie at the time who had not taken a case since her first a year before.

Wright didn't cooperate with Fey at first, lying that he hadn't known the victim.

In his third year, Wright met Dahlia Hawthorne in the District Court basement library and was immediately enamored with her.

She wrote him a poem and gave him a bottle necklace, telling him that it was a symbol of their love.

She had stolen poisonous chemicals from his lab before, and now some chemicals were missing again.

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