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There he was told Hussein had severe ashthma, but after running tests the doctor simply told the Iraqi leader he had a 40-a-day addiction to cigarettes.

Curated by Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance faculty Jacob Meders, this exhibition will join the annual Arizona State University Pow Wow Festival by showcasing some of Arizona’s contemporary Native American artists.

A Japanese private was about to put his bayonet through your chest.” Dr Frankland would eventually resume his medical career in 1946 as a clinical assistant to Sir Alexander Fleming, the scientist who invented penicillin in 1928.

The centenarian made his landmark pollen discovery in 1954.

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In 1979 Dr Frankland was invited to visit a “VIP” in Iraq.

It turned out to be Hussein, the country’s new leader.He showed that hay fever and asthma sufferers who were given injections of a protein in pollen could have their symptoms greatly reduced.His findings eventually led to the formation of the pollen count – a measurement of how much pollen is in the air – which is still used by the Met Office to this day.A jitney provides transport from the island dock to the granite and brick fortress.Here, costumed interpreters take you back to the summer of 1864.However, inevitably disaster struck - and many of our artists became successful.

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