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We walk into a room of smiling, laughing people, and we put ourselves in their positions: “Boy, if I were laughing and talking with somebody like that, I’d feel great. We don’t sense that social acumen brings with it a curse of constant, compulsive gamesmanship and hiding of one’s true identity.

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Therefore, much of the socialization you see hides maneuvers, and it’s neither genuine nor lasting. don’t think I’m saying NTs are a band of insincere psychopaths manipulating each other for kicks (well some are, but that’s another rant…).

NT genes hardwire the behavior in, and they assume you play the game of socialization at parties, and that’s all.

On this board, NTs are competing for mates and sex, social position, admiration, money, power, and just about anything else you can think up. “Why would they play games like this with people they purport to like? Not only that, they assume everyone else does, too, so they don’t think of it as offensive to play the game with one another.

Moreover, they are so deep into the game that few are aware of it.

Among aspies, there’s a myth that goes something like this: “NTs (Neurologically Typicals) socialize because they gain glorious, heartfelt relationships that fulfill them and bring them warmth and joy.” Well, go say that to an NT. They’ll tell you in a twink that statement is nosense.

So why do NTs indulge in so much mingling and sparkling, chatting and joking?

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The important point to understand is that socialization is by and large a game for NTs.

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