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Financial support from the Trapnell Fund, Rufford Small Grants Foundation, John Fell Fund and National Geographic Society; 2007-2010.

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: Friendship Networks in Ethnically Diverse Neighbourhoods' (PI, with Naru Shiode, CI).2010-2011: £3,000, Royal Geographical Society (With the Institute of British Geographers) Small Grant for project 'Street Corner Conviviality?

Neighbourhood Diversity and Social Network Formation'.2006-2007: £74,695, Joseph Rowntree Foundation 'Lessons from the West Bowling Youth Initiative (WBYI): Then, Now and the Future', (18 months) (co-applicant with Dr Santokh Singh Gill (Principal Investigator), Dr Gaby Atfield, Prof Mairtin Mac an Ghaill and Dr Therese O'Toole).2004-2006: £25,000, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) for 'Review of the Evidence Base on Faith Communities' (co-applicant with Prof J. Owen, University of Warwick, Prof Ceri Peach, University of Oxford and Prof Paul Weller, University of Derby).2004-2005: £7,500, Nuffield Foundation 'Small Grants Scheme' Award for research into patterns of religious discrimination in urban planning.

Dr Pam Berry and Dr Paula Harrison in collaboration with ADAS (Phase 1 only), British Trust for Ornithology (Phase 1 only), and CABI Bioscience (Phase 2 and 3).

Financial support from English Nature and others; 1999-2006.

Financial support from the Danish Technical University; 2010-2013. David Banister in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University, Denmark Institute of Transport Economics, and Princeton University.

Financial support from the Danish Technical University; 2010-2013.

I am an urban social and cultural geographer interested in critical understandings of everyday life.

I theorize intersections of consumption, production, regulation, governance and policy.

Financial support from the Centre for Studies in Property Valuation and Management Trust and the Oxford Martin School; 2010-2011. David Banister, Dr Moshe Givoni and James Macmillen in collaboration with University of Leeds, University of East Anglia, University of Salford and University of Manchester.

Financial support from the Dr Kate Parr in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, Charles Darwin University and South African National Parks.

Richard is also increasingly interested in debates surrounding social research methodology, and is committed to strategies that combine the insights of quantitative and qualitative research approaches.

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