the loft speed dating - Risks of dating someone with hiv

You may find it difficult to tell a partner that you have HIV, but not telling a partner may lead to problems later.This used to be more of an issue when we understood less about the link between viral load and infectiousness.The risk is greater for the uninfected woman than for the uninfected man but the risk for both is real.

Condoms should be used with water-based lubricant as oil-based lube weakens them.

HIV treatment - used by HIV positive and negative people - is also a form of protection.

Alternatively your partner can go to the accident and emergency (A&E) department of a hospital or a sexual health clinic (or your HIV clinic).

A doctor will carry out an assessment to find out whether they need PEP based on risk factors such your viral load and the type of sex you had.

We now know that if you’re taking HIV medication and have an undetectable viral load, you cannot pass on HIV.

It can take up to six months on treatment to become undetectable.

Whether you were diagnosed with HIV during a long-term relationship, or you were already diagnosed with HIV when the relationship started, it’s important for your partner to know their status too.

However, recent research has found that if you’re on treatment and have an undetectable viral load you cannot pass on HIV.

The risk from performing oral sex on an HIV negative partner is even lower.

If you're worried about oral sex, using a condom or latex barrier is an option, but if your viral load is undetectable there is no risk. Masturbating someone carries no risk if there are no burns, cuts or rashes on the skin of the fingers or hands of the HIV negative person which then come into contact with HIV-infected sexual fluids.

If you’re on effective treatment and have an undetectable viral load you cannot pass on HIV.

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