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$(document).ready(function()); function move Sticky() { var $sticky Wrapper = $('#list-page-skyscraper-wrapper'); var $content Wrapper = $('.content-wrapper .content'); var intro Offset = $('#content-works-intro').length?Serve these baked salmon cakes on a salad or with a side of brown rice and veggies for a healthy and flavour-packed dinner!

The only thing that makes a great bar better is a great kitchen in the back.

Sometimes, of course, the munchies strike after the last call bell rings.

We cover both scenarios with some of Toronto’s best new bar – and post-bar – eats.

Pork Ninjas at Wenona Craft Beer Lodge Barbecue is a heavily regional cuisine – what’s standar ....

Toronto is home to a bounty of bars: neighbourhood nooks for cozy quiet nights and destinations for booze-fuelled adult recreation.

And increasingly, places are striving to curate unique experiences that will help shape the future of a thriving bar scene with lots of room to grow.

It's Pi Day, and all around the world, people (and by people, I mean nerds) are celebrating by indulging in all things round and crusty. ) A couple of Toronto restaurants are adding (not subtracting) to the fun by offering to round off yo .... Patrick’s Day celebrations started last weekend, but there’s still plenty of Irish-themed fun to be had this week – including St. All of the parties listed below boast live (mostly Irish) entertainment and plenty of beer and whiskey. Patrick’s Day bashes happening across the city – three on Thu ....

"Doritos are my muse," says Christine Flynn, the chef behind a hilarious parody Instagram account that takes processed junk food to new, beautiful heights Christine Flynn, executive chef at Toronto’s i Q Food Co., recently set the Internet on fire when she revealed that she behind the near-mythical @chefjacqueslamerde Instagram account. Lap up some southern hospitality later this month, courtesy of East Thirty Six's Chef Brent Maxwell.

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