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Note that you can also use the With the exception of customer-defined plugins and the Pica RTAPlugin and RTAPlugin Symphony plugins, the parameters should not be modified.

Currently, there are five possible physical formats that are identified by numeric codes.

Four of these formats are XML, which differ to a certain extent.

This is necessary when the original record ID is not stored in 001, which is the default.

The MARC Exchange file splitter, which is a program Primo uses to split MARC Exchange source files for normalization, checks the Marc Exchange Id Field parameter to determine which tag to use.

In order to improve performance, the IP list is loaded into memory and no query is done in real time.

Because of this, any change to the WS and XS IP mapping table requires the table to be deployed.

As an example, you can use columns of the non-spatial table to define attribute values, or a range of values that are allowed, to be added to a specific vector layer during digitizing.

Have a closer look at the edit widget in section menu, the attribute table will open in a docked window or not.

For more information on file splitters, refer to the Primo Version 3.0 Highlights document.

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