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They've kept me busy and distracted since the break with Michael and the weird hook up at the club.

And yes, they're the kinds of friends I can confess weird hook ups to...

He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets.

The wearable design is comfortable and stays put while walking or doing other activities. "Do you ever sit there reading erotic fiction, and think, I just wish there were a vibrator to get me off along with all the saucy bits?

It's pretty quiet unless sitting on a harder chair. Well, you need to wish no more, pals, because your dreams are now a reality, thanks to the world’s latest "novel" creation, the Vibease..." "Let's be honest: Despite the proliferation of porn available, there's a soft spot in our hearts for good ol' erotic literature.

Feel the touch of the story; experience every soft caress to passionate lovemaking. It turns my tight panties into a real vibrating panties, literally.

Immerse deeper into your favorite erotic audiobooks than before. It is so quiet that my friends din't even notice I was wearing it when we were out.

Vibease, the vibrator that works with audiobooks, is definitely one of those technologies.

Clear your schedules, ladies, because you're going to want time to enjoy this new toy...

The most recent revision, released alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 , takes the Gear VR experience to new heights by offering a special motion controller for new depths in interactivity.

Samsung Gear VR See at Amazon Like its predecessors, this latest version of the Gear VR is designed to be worn for hours, and can even charge your phone from while it is docked in the headset so extended gaming or movie sessions don't negatively impact your battery for the rest of the day.

Find him on Google , Facebook, or Twitter Samsung and Oculus have worked closely together since late in 2014 on a way to offer a compelling VR experience using little more than a phone.

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