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Earlier this year, Google revealed that the AI it uses for its Translate tool had created its own language, which it would translate things into and then out of.

(That paper was published more than a month ago but began to pick up interest this week.) Facebook's experiment isn't the only time that artificial intelligence has invented new forms of language.

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It's an upgrade from the first collection, which was sold via unmarked vans (and packed in garbage bags), but it's just another day in the life of fashion's consummate club kid.

Last year, Microsoft was forced to shut down its chatbot, Tay, after the system became corrupted with hate speech.

The actual negotiations appear very odd, and don't look especially useful: Bob: i can i i everything else .

Alice: balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to Bob: you i everything else .

As first speculated in January, the purveyors of all things cool are back at it again with a second drop of their unisex collaboration.

In an unexpected twist of inspiration, the duo is bringing together the worlds of raving (quintessential Wang) and cycling (quintessential Adidas), tapping into the culture of New York City bike messengers, who brave mad traffic and weather to answer your streetwear prayers and deliver your hauls directly to your doorstep.

"And beyond that, it's unclear that this process yields a system with the kind of word, phrase, and sentence structures characteristic of human languages." The company chose to shut down the chats because "our interest was having bots who could talk to people", researcher Mike Lewis told Fast Co.

This isn’t so different from the way communities of humans create shorthands.” "In the first place, it's entirely text-based, while human languages are all basically spoken (or gestured), with text being an artificial overlay," he wrote on his blog.

Scroll down for video Zo is a chatbot that allows users to converse with a mechanical millennial over the messaging app Kik or through Facebook Messenger.

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