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Intimate Solution Network is a clinical consulting firm for couples or individuals who wish to resolve or manage emotional, marital, sexual or physical conflicts.

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It paints a rather terrifying picture of men in Las Gidi.

While men are deceiving with intent they also seem to be existing in a faux conservative world.

For most women, that I spoke to, it seems that Nigerian men are not much loved, some of them.

“Nigerian men deceive with intent, it’s almost as though they set out to be evil and hurt you,” someone recounts to me.

More than one 20-something confessed their undying love to me after only an interaction of less than 15min, maybe I got mad game maybe not.

When I relayed this to a friend he responded “it’s that tinge of British in your accent”.

We are the number one professional ushering services provider in Nigeria and our past success speaks for us.

The amount We have three different foundations that cater for individuals in different capacities.

Nigerian men and women seem to fall for people by their accent, at least that is what I understood from his response.

Here an accent is a catalyst for love, marriage and the world because Nollywood.

The museum of broken relationships is an emotional center where other people's stories inspires closures.

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