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This dry ditch was crossed by a draw- bridge, raised at will from the entrance tower by chains, the holes lor which may still be seen in the face of the tower.

Probably another barbican protected the drawbridge. The lower part of the tower and the wall adjoining it, dating from about 1170, show herring-bone work; and what are called putlog-holes, which during the building were filled by oak posts, that were withdrawn before the mortar was quite set, apparently to assist in cooling the wall, the interior of which was filled with hot grout.

ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 00730 6589 ©umbrrlan D anh Mfstmorlanb Antiquarian anh VOL. A mile or two further on, Egrement comes in sight, to which there is a sharp descent past a road end called St. On reaching the town the abutments of the old bridge can be seen on the left. Near where it passed through the palisades traces of a barbican tower to guard the gate may be seen.

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Mark Cooper, a fellow taxi driver, said last night: 'All he said was that they had caught him with £60,000 in the bank. He was being investigated and was paranoid his brother and the solicitor were colluding to get him in trouble with the taxman.' It was the start of an unprecedented manhunt as Bird sped through villages executing complete strangers apparently at random.

He didn't want to go.' A close family friend told the Daily Mail: 'It was all about the Inland Revenue.

C., and his son-in-law as Lieutenant in the East York Regiment, all in the great war of 1914-1918. Parker continued in practice there for over forty years, and there was no man better known or more valued throughout that part of Cumberland.

This " Burras " or Borough's bridge was built in 1683 and superseded by the present bridge in 1822 (see a paper on " The Borough Court of Egremont," by the Rev. The other branch came along by the river through what was either a pleasaunce or a tilting yard, bent up the slope through a depression now nearly filled up, and entering the palisades about where the present boundary wall is, curved round to the entrance tower. Guide books, referring to the scenery, &c., abound, but a handbook to the many places and objects of antiquarian interest has hitherto been wanting. This volume will not be his only monument ; but as it may come into the hands of readers at a distance, and perhaps at a time when memories now fresh are beginning to fade, I should like to add a few words about the personality of the author and his work in connexion with these antiquities which he has described. He was educated at the Ipswich Grammar School, * Wellington College and Edinburgh University, where he took his degree of M. Parker's photographs and rubbings are mentioned in Stephens's works as especially contri- buting to the elucidation of the subject. Parker's description, " The Runic Crosses of Gosf orth," was pubhshed by Williams and Norgate in 1882. By rail from Seascale 6 miles, by road 8, or via Gosforth, a better road, 9 miles. The roads, though hilly, soon dry, and are mainly good for cycling. Parker himself — we cannot neglect the opportunity of revision; he would be the first to require it. papers I have added a good deal of information, and I have tried to make such amendments in the text as I tliink he would have approved. in 1873, and after further study at London, Paris and Vienna proceeded M. Parker discovered the " Fishing Stone." They communicated the find to Professor George Stephens of Copenhagen, then the leading authority on Runic monuments, and he visited Gosf orth in July, 1882 ; Dr. Parker together wrote papers, read to the Royal Archaeological Institute at Carlisle and at London in that year and Dr. Kendal : Titus Wilson & Son, Publishers, 28, Highgate. Until the making of the Furness Railway, some fifty years ago, it remained very primitive and old fashioned, which doubtless tended to the preservation of its antiquities. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 NOTE TO THE NEW EDITION. The papers he wrote dealt with a great variety of subjects, most of which will be noticed in the following pages. Bees Head, bound the district referred to in this book. He joined the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian Society in 1878, and in 1902 was elected a member of Council; in 1885 he became Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Godderthwaite is passed (on the right), Blackbeck crossed, and Kirbeck (the stream of churches), by ' Street ' Bridge. The principal approach was from the old bridge, the road 6 THE GOSFORTH DISTRICT.

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