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Privacy & Safety on Facebook: A Guide for Survivors of Abuse is an in depth guide on how to best manage your privacy on Facebook.

Learn more about safety and privacy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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If you are concerned that your trafficker will see what you have been searching for online, is important to clear your search history after each session. Your browser saves a list of all the websites you have visited while on the internet, and should be cleared after every session, especially if you’ve visited sites you wish to keep private from your trafficker.

Learn how to delete your search history on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Toolbar.

If the "Use Inline Auto Complete" box in your Internet settings is checked, partial web addresses will be completed while typing in the Address bar and could reveal where you have been browsing.

To make sure Auto Complete is not enabled, pull down the Tools menu, choose Internet Options, then click the Advanced tab.

The following are tips to help you stay safe while online.

If you feel that your trafficker is tracking your web browsing or email activity or if you feel unsafe online, please consider how to plan for your safety. Planning and testing out these options ahead of time can help keep you safe. Safe Internet Searching | Social Media | Additional Security Measures | Online Harassment | More Resources Public Computers at local public libraries or community centers are more difficult to trace.

You know, lacked self esteem, not really confident but wanted to do something with my life.”► NEWS CENTER's Tory Ryden talks about the women she met during her investigative series Marino was at a nightclub, drinking with friends, when she exchanged numbers with the man who would eventually extort her for sex.

She was impressed by his nice clothes, jewelry, pocket full of cash and the Mercedes Benz he drove.► MAINE SEX TRAFFICKING & EXPLOITATION NETWORKJasmine’s new boyfriend quickly began grooming her to become a high end call girl with a hefty promise of a life of love and riches, a common tactic.► SERVICES AVAILABLE FOR VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING HEREMarino says he promised they couple would eventually have a home, a business, a family if she just worked at a massage parlor.

But it wasn’t massages Jasmine was giving, she was being trafficked for sex.

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