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I for one am a huge fan of pink floyd and dream theater, porcupine tree, 'tallica, maiden, opeth, but once in a while a whole lotta stupid dumbass fun wont hurt anyone right?But for this generation I'd also listen to foo fighters, alice in chains, Dream Theater (Bit of prog rock every now and then), silverchair, seether, Black Label Society, green day and heaps gaga is a great example of the declining standards of pop music.

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She works under the supervision of the director, Mark Donovan, lcpc, lcadc. Editors Note: The number of female users reported in this article are based in part on a misinterpretation of the data.

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this song has it's own style, which is techno and pop and it's different from some types of music but that doesn't make it bad.

turn on the radio or pop "The Fame" into your cd player, take the stick out of your ass and enjoy the music!

Lisa Cohen, lgpc, CAC-AD, richard Conover, lcpc, NCC, mark Donovan, lcpc, lcadc.

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