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"We've seen relationships deteriorate after couples have kids," says Walters.

"The husband is suddenly a 'distant second' to the kids or they disagree on how to raise them.

Some reject the career limitations that parenting imposes.

Some admit to disliking children or lacking the patience to parent.

Walters and her husband, Brian Edwards, a commercial real estate broker, worry that children would undermine their relationship.

Research done by the web site No Kidding bears this out: 62% of surveyed couples had concerns.

Kaye Walters of Santa Barbara, Calif., knew she didn't want children, but convincing other people she wanted to remain child-free was trickier.

"I like kids," the magazine editor and writer tells Web MD, "but I can get my 'kid fix' from my nieces and nephews." As a response to societal pressures to procreate, she launched the web site Kid Free & Lovin' It in August 2007. "My motivation to start the site was the same for starting my book: I got tired of everyone assuming I would have kids or constantly asking me when I was going to have them," says Walters, now 46.

Many voluntarily child-free couples are loathe to sacrifice a rewarding, creative, and often spontaneous lifestyle that includes travel, entertainment, sports, and hobbies. Couples also mention the peace, quiet, and order of a child-free home.

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