Signs of dating a controlling person

By reasoning with your partner, you can understand your partner better. Your partner may try to control you, but that happens only if you give them the opportunity.

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No one likes a pushover, and they’re the kind of people who end up feeling controlled and locked in a relationship. This may sound devious, but at times, it takes looking into the mirror to understand how someone else feels.

Look for ways to control your partner for a change.

One of the most common reasons for the downfall of a relationship is one partner’s need to control the other.

To many, controlling behavior isn’t something they try to indulge in, it’s just who they are.

[Read: 7 secret signs of a relationship that’s about to go bad] #7 Be more confident of yourself.

When your partner controls you, it’s always because they feel like you never take a stand or are easily manipulated or pushed over.

After all, even the most controlling of partners do have their weak sides.

Don’t take crap from your partner or put up with their rules anymore.

Learn to be more confident about yourself and your ideas.

If you truly believe you’re right, don’t backtrack your opinions.

We like to have some control of our lives, and at times, this obsession to control the circumstances in our lives end up turning us into control freaks.

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