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You have an assembly that contains subassemblies created with Frame Generator.

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This version does not change until the next iteration of the software is proven to be stable in the staging environment and ready to be released.

Production environment is the actual environment in which your system will run after deployment.

For best performance, the instance should be created once (e.g., upon application startup), and the more efficient Spoof Checker sc = new Spoof Checker. We therefore recommend that you always compute confusable skeletons at runtime and do not rely on creating a permanent, or difficult to update, database of skeletons.

The following snippet shows a minimal example of using Spoof Checker sc = new Spoof Checker.

Since we are building an application we will have 3 environments (development, staging, and production). This version of the code contains the latest version and all the experimental features.

Developers directly interact with this copy and continuously change, modify and test the latest integration and features.Therefore, you do not need to create the project setup from scratch.So go ahead and create your application’s base folder and run the following commands.To make our application aware of which development environment it is in we use `Set Env` variable in our Virtual Host deceleration.This is helpful to us as the database connections and other environment variables may be different across our different application environments.The staging environment contains the next release candidate and is usually one version ahead of the production version.

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