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But it wasn't because the girls weren't good enough. Transcript KELLY MCEVERS, HOST: This month, we've been traveling around the world and talking to 15-year-old girls who are creating new opportunities for themselves, and sometimes they are pushing back against their cultures to do it. MILENA: (Through interpreter) Do you guys have boyfriends? GARCIA-NAVARRO: They said that they both did, and they asked whose boyfriend is in the house that made everybody get so bashful on your end? (LAUGHTER) BRESLOW: This is the first I'm finding this out.

In Brazil, playing soccer when you're a girl is a subversive act. LALA: (Through interpreter) And I think sometimes, if she was playing soccer, would she be pregnant right now? And they want - and can he please come into the video chat?

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LOURDES GARCIA-NAVARRO, BYLINE: Peter and I are in Rocinha, one of the biggest favelas or shantytowns in Rio, and in front of us, a group of girls is playing soccer.

They're kicking the ball on a kind of poured concrete basketball court surrounded by a high chain-link fence.

"They respect me more now." As Milena and Lala are talking, a loud bang suddenly rips through the air. Crack has become a huge problem in the and there are regular battles between the police and the drug gangs. "They probably do; we're at the same age," they say.

She's known as Tia Thais or Aunt Thais, and she's the Brazilian equivalent of a soccer mom. People just hook up — that's the truth, they just hook up." Lala tells us that while the young man was talking to her parents, she sat on the stairs, crying with worry that her parents would say no. After she tells the story, the girls ask Peter if his daughters have boyfriends. But as Lala and Milena will tell you, dating and even sex can start at a much younger age in Rocinha. But then it quickly gets to the good stuff — and Peter gets the big reveal. And suddenly Danielle brings one of the boys who's been hanging out at his house into the frame.

And the night before, a 15-year-old boy stopped by the house to ask if he could date Lala. And then the girls say they'd like to meet Peter's daughters. Danielle and Eden seem excited, but say they're pretty sure they'd lose. And then Lala and Milena accorded my daughters the highest compliment. We talked to some of the boys we saw the girls playing with, and they said, straight up, they didn't like playing with girls. UNIDENTIFIED GIRL #1: It was nice meeting you guys. And we want to know what was your most difficult challenge at 15.

And actually, Peter's daughters might just be right. MILENA: (Through interpreter) Could you guys actually come and play soccer with us one day in Rocinha where we live? But it wasn't because the girls weren't good enough or they were too weak but because they were too tough. UNIDENTIFIED GIRL #2: It was really nice to meet you.

We squeeze through a tight spiral staircase to climb onto the roof — the only place we can all sit comfortably. The teasing from boys in the neighborhood and at school isn't quite as bad as it used to be.

"So they've stopped criticizing me some because I've improved a lot since we first started," Lala says. Lala's mom, who has joined us, explains that the traffickers are setting off fireworks to signal a police sweep in the area.

While Lala and Milena were at soccer practice, we talked to some of the boys we saw them playing with.

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